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Glass Doors

Fashion trend today - safe glass doors for apartments and houses. Beautiful and durable glass doors, which are 100% made of tempered glass. We install glass doors and door furniture only from trusted manufacturers. fittings can be used for various types.

Glass, which is made of glass doors must be perfectly smooth, and its size must exactly match the desired size. Some fear that the glass is a fragile material. Modern technologies allow the use in the manufacture of glass doors safety tempered glass, resistant to mechanical stress. The strength of tempered glass is much higher than the strength of ordinary glass. If all the same glass breaks, the shards will be blunt. The glass structure of the film can be included. Such glass is called a laminated glass. In smashing the laminated glass, the fragments do not fly in different directions, and will remain on the film. Ano has increased strength and compared to a conventional tempered glass. Therefore, getting the door, do not forget to learn about the structure of the glass and on what technology they are made. In practice, based on the experience we can confidently say that the glass doors will serve you no less wood.