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Capped curtain wall system

This is Classical mullion - transom facade system with visible external covers a width of 50 or 55 mm width. The external covers can be chose with different designs considering as squired but also rounded and cone-shaped ending. This system can be used for the manufacture of usual building façade but also complex architectural forms, skylights and others.

Polyamide thermal bridge width of 24 mm provides high thermal insulation. Presence in the system of mullions and transoms large sizes allows you to design facades with large breakdown.

The system gives an opportunity to establish a facade filling elements with a thickness of 24 to 50 mm.

Opening sashes can be considered of different tips. Tilt and turn window and outward opening window can be considered.

Most of the system we offer are certified by the German Institute IFT Rosenheim and classified in the highest category on the test results (Wind load, air permeability, water resistance, mechanical load, insulation)